Order Progress

For those who backed our original Kickstarter, this post will update with details of ordering and fulfilment, and provide a means of directing questions about what we’re doing with your money and when you can expect your stuff.
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Launch Event Confirmed

No Dice officially launches on October 10th in MNA Gaming in Walsall.*

If you want to sign up on Facebook, the event is here. Otherwise, just show up between four and five o’clock in the afternoon. We’ll do a little ceremonial at five and then get down to playing the game and enjoying ourselves in Walsall’s board gaming oasis. Continue reading

Is there life after Kickstarter?

Welcome to the No Dice blog. The intent is to record a host of useful information and context about the game itself, rules and strategy, trivia, and so forth.

If you were one of the original Kickstarter backers, thanks for pledging to support us. As of this evening, everyone is paid up so now it’s simply a matter of waiting for Kickstarter to pay out to us and we can start ordering decks, boxes, T-shirts, postcards and everything else we promised you.

About the promises… it’s more or less decided that in addition to everything Kickstarter backers signed up for, an additional gift will be forwarded with the game when it’s released. It’s much the same as the gifts which our Dev team have (mostly) received for helping to create the game in the first place.

In that case, we went for these stylish and tautologous No Dice dice. Hopefully the backer treat will be just as cunning but slightly more useful!

No Dice diceAnd yes, there is life after Kickstarter. But it’s looking rather busy!